A Robust Application that converts your
Smartphone into Reliable Measurement Invention


The Myron L Company is a California based Research and Development organization which has established itself as the leading manufacturer of high-quality
conductivity and pH instrumentation. Their instruments are widely used by municipal, commercial and industrial level for water quality control, chemical
concentration testing and process control. They come to us with a unique idea to develop Ultrapen PTBTx, a GUI and communication mobile
application which measures the quality of water, accurately and instantly.


icon Challenges

With a robust mobile app that works for both Android and iOS platforms, the client wanted to convert the smartphone into an accurate, reliable, fast and simple-to-use measurement device. One of the major challenges faced was to build a resilient and seamless connection between the Ultrapen device and its mobile application. Another requirement of the client was to build easy-to-read displays and user-intuitive GUIs that will enable its users to get accurate and reliable water quality measurements.

icon Solutions

We have successfully created an app for both the platforms Android and iOS, therefore, any user can use the application to perform precise calculations and measurements of numerous factors, such as conductivity, temperature, salinity and amount of oxygen & chlorine dissolved in water. The PTBT app replaces the standard LCD display to a pocket tester with a wireless BLE transceiver that transmits measurements to the currently connected device and displays results in large, easy to read characters. The app's GUI allows the user to easily connect with active Ultrapen PTBTx pocket tester by a single tap from a list of available PTBTx instruments. Also, to make it easily identifiable, users can download a 7-character name into each Ultrapen PTBTx then the connection screen only displays PTBTx pocket testers and neglects all other Bluetooth devices.

  • For perfect syncing between the app and the device, our developers have added features in the program library that resulted in excellent calibration backed with meticulous time management
  • The records can be effortlessly edited, deleted, reset or even e-mailed in excel sheet format, directly through the app which makes the app user-friendly
  • To store the relative values of measurements of distinct solutions and calibration of devices, we opted for Core Database for Apple which provided us with diverse useful features like specific date, time, and mode of a device
  • The app is programmable for both GPS and Non-GPS related locations which makes it highly efficient and resourceful

Technology Stack

The tools and technologies that were used by
app development team were



Project Ultrapen came out to be a remarkable success for Clavax as well as Myron L. Ultrapen has certainly been a different
project with sheer challenges and opportunities to explore more in terms of innovation.


A strong database to store measurement data and calibration history which includes measurement value, Ultrapen ID and location


Data records are sortable, exportable, and encrypted in secure Myron L Company proprietary formats


With BLE communication technology, the Ultrapen app can instantly connect with pocket testers without any troubles

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Ultrapen is a GUI and communication application for use with Myron's L Company's wireless ULTRAPEN PTBTx pocket testers. It converts an iOS device into an accurate and reliable measurement and data storage device that is ideal to check water quality.


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